July 22, 2017

Simple Barcoding in C#

September 19, 2003 James Divine

This article provides a simple way to produce Code 3 of 9 Barcodes through C#. While there are many third-party controls that offer this functionality, it is just as simple to integrate your barcodes using readily available barcode TrueType fonts. […]

Five Habits for Successful Regular Expressions

September 17, 2003 Tony Stubblebine

Regular expressions are hard to write, hard to read, and hard to maintain. Plus, they are often wrong, matching unexpected text and missing valid text. The problem stems from the power and expressiveness of regular expressions. Each metacharacter packs power and nuance, making code impossible to decipher without resorting to mental gymnastics. […]

PHP Interacting with J2ME

August 12, 2003 Jason Lam

You my have noticed in last year or two there has been an increasing boom in technology in the area of mobile handsets and mobile software development. Wireless technology is not only becoming more commonplace, but also more affordable. To support this even further, a survey released by IDC projected revenues in wireless gaming alone will generate approximately 72.2 million by 2007. Along side with mobile gaming there will be an ever-increasing demand for mobile applications. […]

Zero-Defect Software Development

July 15, 2003 Steve Pavlina

In my corner of the software industry, I will work from six months to a couple years to develop and release a new computer game. I can sell sequels or expansion packs, but I generally cannot sell upgrades as with other software. […]

Considerations for Mobile Game Development

June 30, 2003 Jason Lam

More and more J2ME handsets are being deployed world wide by all major cellular carriers and are supported by mobile manufacturers like Nokia, Siemens, Motorola and Sony Ericsson. There will be if not already a huge demand in mobile development, one of these key areas undoubtly is mobile gaming.

With that being said this tutorial will give you a brief introduction in developing games using J2ME (Java MicroEdition), visit Sun MicroSystems for further details at http://wireless.java.sun.com. […]

A Better Java than Java?

June 10, 2003 Ashley Brown

When Java was first released is was hailed as a revolution. Many lawsuits and arguments followed, chiefly between Sun and Microsoft. With their C# language, Microsoft have created what Java should have been 6 years ago – but Sun have still failed to get it there. […]

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