July 22, 2017

Shopping via Mobile Apps Predicted to Drive Ecommerce

August 1, 2016 Rich Ord

We Are Social’s Digital in 2016 report illustrates how both mobile and social media will will be key drivers of ecommerce going forward. “Smartphone penetration is reaching new heights around the globe, and we are fast approaching the point where being an internet user means being a smartphone user,” commented […]

Google API Console Launches to Give Developers More Streamlined Experience

May 11, 2016 Chris Crum

Google announced the introduction of the Google API Console to give developers a better and more streamlined experience compared to existing Cloud Console. Console.cloud.google.com will stay the same, pointing to Cloud Console, which includes all Google Cloud Platform services. The new API Console is at console.developers.google.com, and focuses completely on […]

Twitter Launches Fabric Mobile App for iOS and Android

April 29, 2016 Chris Crum

Twitter launched its developer platform Fabric in 2014, and today gave developers a dedicated Fabric mobile app for both iOS and Android. With the app, developers can keep an eye on what’s happening with their own apps and get notifications when something important happens. “We sift through millions of events […]

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